a thirstful whore with lips agasm

Zach. 18. Gamer. Feminist.

An icy love by fire knashed, her tears for him a dulcy aere. A farewell kiss from lealfast drake. Or will the flower splay her flaps, contract and birth a world defaced? Or will her thornish sword be snapt, the flower broken for the vase? The world will meet a tangled end, betwixt its voul, labrynthin roots.

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So as some of you know my computer pooped out a while back so I’ve not had a lot of access to photoshop. I lost all of my screencaps, as well as my old tools that I used to make my colorings. My little sister was nice enough to let me use her laptop and it’s unfortunately very weak so my Photoshop capabilities are limited. However this means a completely new style to my colorings so here’s what you can expect in the near future. This is surprisingly versatile and contains an optional layer. Likes/reblogs are greatly appreciated! 


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